The exhibition and market of art production is the first in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was launched in 2017 in the Eastern Province as a forum for artistic production and accompanied by a specialized exhibition of production companies and art channels and makers of cinema, entertainment, music, television and children's programs.


1st Edition

After the success of the first Media production festival in the Edition from 8-10 May 2017, during which he was able to gather the GCC countries, the official and private channels and the stars of art in a huge ceremony attended by a large group of officials and artists in the Gulf in one place and the participation of 50 companies Production, More


Creating an artistic, entertainment and economic media platform based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The aim of the world in the field of artistic production is from producers, experts, artists and decision makers to stimulate investment in the artistic production sector and encourage artists and highlight the talented through the opportunity to participate in the art production exhibition.


Producers and content makers

A forum for international producers and content makers will be held on the sidelines of the exhibition and will provide a number of meetings with leading experts in production, distribution and investment in this sector.



Audiovisual production market

It is a trade fair that brings together many official and private channels at the level of the Arab and international world, satellite broadcasting companies, TV production, cinema, theater, sound studios, artists, directors, major producers and distributors.It is a platform where the owners of expertise and decision meet to invest in this area and where agreements in the sale, purchase and production of works.


Targeted Sectors